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How and Why of this Blog?

Here I am with my first blog!

Before starting on this WordPress journey, I asked myself a few basic questions…

Why do I want to blog about? Frankly, I don’t know. May be because of the fact that everyone else blogs. May be because it is in fashion! Or may be due to the positive effect of 50 odd blogs that I read on a regular basis. I am not sure what the most pressing reason is. But then, in the online world, who cares about the perfect reason…Any reason is a good enough reason to start blogging!

How does one blog? Thanks to the millions of articles on the web, I was able to quickly start off with setting up my account with WordPress etc. Special thanks to Amit and his initiative called Blog School. If you are faintly interested in blogging, visiting the resources on the Blog School site will make sure that the deal is cemented!

What do I write about? I have never written anything sensible apart from my examination papers (hopefully!) What do I write that will interest others who will read my blog? I am not sure what interests me…How am I to guess what interests others?

What will be the reader’s response? I being an ardent fan of a lot of blogs know the importance of feedback. Writing blogs without feedback is equivalent to talking to a mute dog…not knowing whether it cannot bark or that it just prefers not to! But then to evict a response, I need to write something worthwhile. This again boils down to the first question.

Through this blog, I hope I am able to understand and appreciate the answers to all these questions…Here is wishing myself a very happy and prosperous blogger life!

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