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Is Media a Must?

Just read an article on Rashmi’s blog about the follow up action that happened in the Mumbai MNS issues. I am really surprised to read that there was no action taken at all. One cannot help but think. What is the message that we are giving out to others? Are we headed towards a goonda raj? Recall the recent Mangalore Pub incident. Are we building another Mumbai raj in Karnataka?

I feel that the media has a big role to plan in all this. It was thanks to the media that the Mangalore Pub incident took centre stage and people all across the country came to know about it. The constant badgering on the news channel forced the state government and the police department to show that they are doing something. This is one side of the coin.

Look at it from the other side. Media has been the reason why newer goondas gain popularity with ease. The mantra of today is to become famous. What better way to become famous than creating some panic in the public and not feeling any remorse for it? Indians have not seen that kind of blatant aggressiveness. And, since this is new, we are attracted towards it. We curse the perpetrators calling them shameless people, but, we are also the ones who never miss any chance to patronize them by watching their interviews on the news channels. Is media breeding such people? Look at Gujrat, Mumbai and now Karnataka.

Hope one day we dont have to change from Hindustan to Talibanistan!

Note: I don’t have anything for or against the media. I am just trying to flip both sides of the coin.

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