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Should Laws Be For Everyone?

Setting: Commercial Street on a busy Saturday evening around 7pm.
I was feeling relieved that I had parked my car at a distance and had decided to walk. The place was swarming with cops. They were not even allowing the cars passing by to stop and offload their “baggage”. Poor husbands and boyfriends were shooed and threatened away from the place as though they were a bunch of rats trying to hold stage against the cats.

So far so good. Enter a Gypsy belonging to the Army. The Gypsy makes a convenient drop right in front of a prominent store.


Two bulky ladies get out as the driver opens the door for them. They trot away for their regular shopping. And, the gypsy waits there. The driver sees all the hungama that the cops are creating with the other cars, but still doesn’t bother to budge. The cops don’t bother to ask the “army vehicle” to move.


Agreed that the Army men are doing a lot of good for the country and each of us should be grateful for them. But, does that give them the authority to translate and bend the rules as per their wishes. If it a standard benefit that army men receive, extend it to all who belong to the army and put a board on the road saying “No Parking except for Army vehicles.”

It is not only the case with the Army. It is the same story with all the government “servants”. This practice should be discouraged. Rules must be rules. And, everyone, black or white must follow them.  We should learn to move away from this “exception raj.”

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  1. Angad
    April 24, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    Dude, im from the army back ground to..
    Ehh.. ITS AWSOME 🙂 😀

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