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Are Power Cuts Good?

Before you believe so, let me clarify that I have not gone crazy. This thought came to me, when a few days back, during a power cut, a colleague exclaimed that he enjoys power cuts. On prodding he said that this was the only time when their family is devoid of any “electronic disturbances.” This was the time when everyone in the house was huddled in the living room, next to the candle. This was the only family time per se when discussions happened with the family.

I remember as a kid that my dad used to force us to sit together for dinner and share some family time. It was a mandate at our house that there will be no television during dinner time. I and my brother were left with no other option but to listen and pitch in to the discussions that our parents used to have. Eventually, with the kids growing up and people becoming busier the family time concept went for a toss. But, not before we started appreciating the purpose and importance of it.

I have seen families where every member of the family is like a guest. Infact, the word family for some would mean nothing beyond “people staying together”. Everyone leads his own life. The only common string is the place of stay. To avoid going this way, I feel that parents have to make the children understand that they can be their friends too. Kids should be comfortable enough to share everything with their parents.

My family came together and became comfortable with each other because we use to spend time together. I hope every family is able to find some unique way to bring in the feeling of togetherness and love.

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