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The Jayanthi Shipping Scam

There is an article carried by rediff which talks about the scamster of the 60’s who went by the name of Dharma Teja. It is a well written article on how Dharma established himself with the political who’s who during his time and used them to play his cards. He made his fortunes, got caught, was jailed for 7 years and (hopefully) is now leading a happy life.

What surprised me was not the article in itself but a few comments. Subash writes that the people of Andhra cannot be blamed for all the mis-happenings in the country. Fair enough, but Subash, nowhere in the article is it mentioned that Dharma Teja is an Andhraite! Infact, the only way I came to know was after reading the comments. Architecta tries to summarize all the good things that people from Andhra have done for the country. After reading all this, I wonder whether we are becoming defensive. Do a few people feel that all the scams are thanks to the Andhra people? Do the people of Andhra feel so?

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