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Private Buses and The Menace That They Are…

Private buses in Bangalore are a traffic menace. When I say private buses, I am not talking about the company cabs or the luxury coaches, but the buses that ferry passengers to far away places in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Typical characteristics of a private bus:
•  Very flashy paint jobs
•  Most of them have DVD and Dolby written in BIG letters!
•  Start from the K.R Market
•  Occupy most of the road
•  Do not have a limit about the time they can stop at busy intersections.
•  Do not have a fixed pattern of parking on the road. They somehow always seem to occupy half of the road while waiting for passengers.
•  Has very loud music blaring all the time
•  Bully other smaller vehicles out of the roads. Smaller vehicles have to give in or risk visiting the workshop.
•  Can stop anywhere in the middle of a highway if a passenger can be acquired!
•  Cops ignore these buses. They usually chase the smaller cars and bikes.

If you travel frequently on the Hosur road, you will start to hate these buses. In my opinion, to decongest Hosur Road, the easiest thing to do is to discipline these buses. How to discipline? Empower the cops to seize the vehicles when they break a rule. If the cops do this a few times, then they will automatically start following the rules. In the current scenario, it feels that the cops are scared to point a finger against them. These buses can flaunt any rule and get away with it. This perception has to change.

Additional reading: http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/street-experiences/46316-my-tryst-rogue-private-tn-bus.html

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