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The Art of Making a Fantastic Wedding Invite

Disclaimer: I am assuming that my wedding invite was fantastic…atleast that is what a lot of people told me :).

This post comes out of a necessity and not an interest! When I had sent across my wedding invites to friends and family, a lot of people impressed with the invite, have written/called me for help in creating one. This is intended as an instruction manual for all such people.

The inspiration for creating my WedSite was a drive to do something different. I wanted a really different and special wedding. Only later did I realize that in a typical village setting mallu wedding, there is little that you can do different. The only thing that I could customize was the way I invite. Though my relatives received the plain vanilla cards (because of pressure from the relatives), I could invite my friends anyway I wanted. And, hence the WedSite.

My total investment in getting the invite done was INR 200 and some broadband usage fee. In terms of time, it took me a month to prepare. A month of after office hours to finish the WedSite. For hosting your wedsite, you can use any of the free hosting services. I chose Synthasite. Why? Because it had a fresh and different look. And, at first glance it looked really simple to work on it.

I had an idea about what all pages to include in the WedSite. Making the WedSite was the easy part. What was difficult was deciding what to write there. Which picture to put? Which color should go where? That is, the creative part was difficult. The implementation was easy. Synthasite has a fantastic interface and for any normal purpose, you would not have to look anywhere beyond their help docs.

The Fun-vite: I spent 200 rupees for getting the caricature done. There is a person who sits in Forum and does caricatures for 100 bucks per head! I used his services. The wordings were partly my wife’s creation and partly inspired from another friend. A little bit of photoshop help from a friend and we were ready to roll.

The Invite: I found an online tutorial showing how to work in photoshop and create an invite. I just downloaded the photoshop file that was given there and did some customizations to get it tuned to my needs. And, I was all set to go.

That’s it. A good invitation card is ready!!

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