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Keep Away from Google!

This one is hilarious! Considering the huge number of hits I was getting on my wedsite even after my wedding was over, I thought of doing R&D to figure out how to make my wedsite appear in the google search. I found out that I had to visit Google Webmaster page and “reveal” the website to Google. Google insists on a verification process to determine if I was the actual webmaster. After verification, I was told that Google will crawl the website and update its indexes within a few days/weeks. So far so good.

I kept checking for the first 2 weeks almost on a daily basis if Google has indexed my site. No luck. With no progress, I lost interest and stopped checking.

I recently logged into the Google webmaster account to add my blog to their database. I discovered that Google had crawled and indexed my wedsite. To my horror, I discovered that my wedsite could be found on Google only if someone searches for “fat mallu” or “big fat mallu”! Along with a bunch of porn links!!! That is how the Google bot decided to categorize me 🙂

Fat Mallu!

Fat Mallu!

Currently my efforts are on to somehow remove the site from Google database. If you got any leads on that, please share it…

  1. Shamik
    May 12, 2009 at 10:20 am

    My dear…its not really the Google Bot how did the mistake. Google Bot works absolutely fantastic with their so called “pagination algo”. Unless the data provided to the bot properly it can not index it properly. It was design (I do not mean design by color and layout…its about the software design) of the website and also how well they have crafted the meta tags properly.

    for a website to be tagged by google there are two way 1.meta search (this is free and most of the websites does that) 2. content search (for this u need to pay some amount to google)…for the second options only google bot reads all the content including the specific HTML headers, and for the first option it mainly reads the meta tags and decides about. By the way if you have your wedsite still running can send me the link again can give detail statistics of the site…by the way you that is actually a business 🙂

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