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Why Not BSNL?

When I applied for a BSNL telephone connection with broadband facility, I was half expecting it to be provided in 3 months (best case). The other half of my brain was convincing me that up to an year for getting a connection was perfectly normal (worst case)! I applied at the Koramangala Customer Care center. My application process was in total chaos. There were no blank forms for new connection available. I had to wait for more than half an hour to get a form. An hour and a half at the customer care center and I was over with the application process. By the time the tedious application process got over, I was mentally prepared to wait till an year for a new connection! I compared this to the application process for Airtel. Airtel officials had visited me on a Sunday to get the form filled! They had a pre-filled form. All I had to do was to put in an autograph in the column the marketing executive was showing me.

Little did I expect a call from BSNL within a week informing me that the connection was ready!! I was pleasantly surprised by their speed of service. The line man visited my place with a “technical” person. The landline and the broadband was up and running in 15 mins. Again surprised!

I realised that the difference is in the perception. When I applied for an Airtel connection, I wanted the connection up and running on the same day. With BSNL, I was ready to wait till the next calendar year!! For BSNL, it was very easy to please the customer because the customer has very very low expectations. Not a good place to be for BSNL. But, if the state run telecom company manages the same level of service that it gave me, I am sure that the customer expectations would also rise ensuring that perception about their services also rises.

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