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Wayanad – A different world

It is really boring to spend a long weekend in Bangalore. Every long weekend in Bangalore, we end up doing the same things…Shop, Eat, Catch an occasional movie, meet up with friends…and that’s it. There is rarely a variation to that list. In a bid to make life a little more interesting, we (me & my better half) had taken a decision to try to take off from Bangalore on every long weekend. Last weekend was one of those long weekends. Asked a few friends and some were interested. So, decided to take it forward.

Nagarhole in the Morning Sun

Wayanad was chosen as the place to visit because it is close to Bangalore and none of us really wanted to travel for long. Got a good deal on an AC Tempo Traveler, which took care of the travel. Getting the hotel was a little difficult because most of them seemed to be running full. Finally (after a loooooong session of bargaining), found accommodation at a place called Thirunelli Agraharam. We got a decent package deal for 2N and 3D including food.

Thirunelly Agraharam

Thirunelly Agraharam

We left on Thursday night @ 3am, because we had heard that if one reaches the Nagarhole park early in the morning there is a good probability of seeing animals. The Nagarhole park opens at 6am, and we targeted to reach there just as they open. During our morning ride we did see a few animals…some elephants and deer, but it did not match up to our expectations. We reached our hotel in time for breakfast. Thirunelli Agraharam had independent cottages spread over a large area offering enough privacy. For a visitor, the resort is really good for the price that they charge.

Magnificient Waterfalls

Magnificient Waterfalls

During the time we were there in Wayanad, we visited Kuruva Island, the tea estates in Vythiri and the famous Soojipara waterfalls. There were many other places which were worth visiting, but we gave them a skip because of the lack of time. A special note here. For people who are going to Wayanad to visit places, make sure that your place of stay is either in Vythiri or Kalpetta. Most of the good places to visit are close to Kalpetta. Thirunelly, the place where we stayed was very far and it used to take 2-3 hours of drive (one way) to reach a viewpoint. The travel from the resort to the vythiri was killing. Staying in Thirunelly is an extremely good option if the intention of the vacation is to just relax and laze around, which is what I plan to do next time I go there 🙂

We wound up our trip on Sunday and reached back Bangalore by 8pm (in time for a good night sleep).

Link to the photo album on Flickr


1.Wayanad is a very beautiful place and a must visit for all Bangaloreans since of the close proximity.

2. Tempo Traveler is a good vehicle if the roads are good. The vehicle is a total let down on bumpy roads.

3. Kalpetta is the place to stay. Apart from the reason I mentioned in the post, good roads till Kalpetta is another reason why.

4. Thirunelli Agraharam is a nice place to stay if you are on a liesure trip. The food there leaves a lot to be desired though.

5. In this weather, a AC vehicle really helps. I slept throughout the return journey and was totally fresh when I reached back.

6. Beer is very cheap in Kerala and whiskey is very important. So, next time, you know what to carry from Bangalore 🙂

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