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The New Age Cabbie…

I have been using cabs regularly between my home and the airport. All this while, I have never bothered to kick up a conversation or show any interest in starting a conversation with the drivers. During one of my recent visits, I met Sajendra. He works for Meru Cabs and drives around in a Tata Indigo! He was sent by Meru to ferry me to the airport. If was 4am when we left my place. Soggy with sleep, I was in no mood to talk to anyone. Sajendra tried talking to me about mundane things like the condition of the road and the politics. When I did not budge from the mute mode, he too went silent.

He had noticed that I was not carrying any luggage. So, a little while later, he asked me in perfect English “Sir. I notice that you are not carrying any luggage. Are you coming back by the late evening flight.” I was pleasantly surprised. I have only seen drivers know broken English. But this guy was talking like he was used to speaking in English more than any other language. After a min I say a Yes to that question. Pop comes the next, “If you so wish, I can pick you up from the airport on your return.” I considered the offer. He would call me in the evening to confirm if I am coming back. If so, then he would wait at the airport for me. Sounded like a good deal. At least, I don’t have to loose a thing. I replied “As long as I am paying the normal fare, I am ok with it.” The deal was finalized.

Now, he started talking about the importance of building personal relationships with the customers. In his own words “These days to get good repeat business, we need to indulge the customer. Customers will go to a service provider who is satisfying his needs at a competitive rate.” He had my attention. I didn’t expect a cabbie to give me management gyan! He went on “To ensure that customers stick to us, we need to make sure that there are no service deficiencies and the thought of another service provider does not come to him.” I was floored.

At the airport, I tried tipping him for the excellent service, but he returned the tip saying that he earns more than enough to want a tip. He educated me that he earns close to 30,000 monthly driving cabs! Holy cow…I never knew that these guys earn so much!! My first paycheck as a Engineer was way below that!!! As per him there are other bachelor brothers who earn upto 70,000 per month by doing over time and not taking proper breaks.

As promised he was waiting for me at the airport with a Welcome card. I asked him why he had put in the card, he said that these are complementary value adds! I was impressed. He had won one customer who would definitely give him the first right of refusal.

These days, I don’t call Meru. I call Sajendra directly for a ride. He has never missed being on time. If I call him at 6am, rest assured, he will waiting for me from 5:45am onwards. Picture perfect.

  1. Manan
    May 7, 2009 at 10:30 pm

    pass on the number plzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. January 19, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    That’s a pretty nice one! A brilliant execution of business 🙂

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