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Bangalore Autorickshaws – Deafening & Smoking!

Auto rickshaws in Bangalore are a complete mess. That is the first reaction that hits me as soon as I think about them! I sit to think of one good trait about the Bangalore autos and I just can seem to find any.

There are many issues with the autos. Important amongst them are:

  • Arrogant drivers
  • Outdated engines

Most of the auto drivers in Bangalore feel that they are doing a favour on the traveller. It is not a buyers market but a sellers market. They have fixed places they want to go to. They will not venture anywhere beyond those places. Much has been written about their attitude. A few links for those who want to read: Bangalore Diaries; City Lights

My main grouse with the Karnataka government is about the fact that they have not done anything about the second issue. Delhi had moved to CNG almost 10 years back. Other places have atleast moved to a 4-stroke option. Bangalore must be the only big city which still has not enforced any norms for auto rickshaws. 90% of the rickshaws that run in Bangalore are 2 stroke. They create high levels of noise when they move. Everyday, they are helping Bangalore become a very very polluted place!

From (nz)daves photostream

From (nz)dave's photostream

Why doesn’t the government bother to do anything about them? Why is it that the cops always stop car drivers like myself for checking the pollution certificate and ignore the smoking barrels that pass by?

From Cipson Thomas Blog

From Cipson Thomas' Blog

The Karnataka government needs to wake up and get its act straight. It will need a lot of will power and focus to change the way things are presently. When the rule to convert all the autos to CNG was implemented in Delhi, there was  a lot of resistance. It was because of the strong push from the Supreme Court that the Delhi government and the people finally had to comply. We will need a similar desire for change here in Bangalore. I hope that Yeddy is able to do that!

  1. Sim
    June 17, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    I Agree. But the issue is that all the big Govt Ministers,Babus, Industrialists, the movers and shakers travel in A/c vehicles with rolled up windows,blocking the noise and smoke.
    Have you noticed how fresh you feel when you return home from work in a Volvo. And its not because of A/C its because of the noise levels.
    The reason for a sellers’s market in this case is cause we dont have good public infra in terms of Buses.Vajra’s/Big 10 are not enough. Investment is not enough. There has to be a will to change and a will to learn.
    Till the time our BMTC learns something from the BEST (Bus service of Mumbai) Bangalore will never be able to grow into a true mature metropolitan. Maybe I should start a Blog too..:)

  2. vince
    June 19, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    dude… you get stopped cuz you’re driving a non karnataka registered vehicle.. so in the cops eyes you’re their big fat bakra for the day(pun intended)… whereas stopping an auto driver is unnecessary hassle.. from that auto guy and his auto mates..

    To talk about CNG.. most of Bangalore’s autos can and are running on dual fuels… namely petrol and CNG… most of the autowallas I’ve talked to are really happy to drive on CNG(read cheaper maccha) but CNG is almost never readily available at any bunk in Bangalore and when it is available have you seen the mile long queue for it???


    • June 19, 2009 at 10:04 pm

      @Vince: I agree to most of what you have written….But, the problem still remains…and, there is no solution in sight!

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