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Do you really want to begin the day with a newspaper?

Till last week, my day used to start with the newspaper. Depending on the time that I had in the morning, I read upto 2 newspapers to get myself updated on what is happening across the globe. Little did I realize before reaching the US that I was in for a rude shock. There are hardly any newspapers around here! Those who want to read the news (and I suspect there is a very small minority falling into that category!) read it online. Nobody gets the luxury of getting a hard copy delivered.

Compare that to India and you will hardly find any similarities. Everybody I know gets a newspaper at home. Even though there is good penetration of internet and broadband in cities, I don’t know anyone who goes online to get his morning dose of news. A newspaper and a cup of coffee/tea has become the Indian way of welcoming the day! If one is traveling, he/she gets free copy of the newspaper from the hotel/airport. But, that is not the case here in US.

Old habits die hard. These days, I read the online editions, and, am trying hard to make the whole experience exciting!

I googled and discovered that US is not an exception to the newspaper thing. Infact, India is an exception! There are hardly few countries that has so much newspaper readership. Read this interesting piece.

Note: These opinions are based on what I have seen in the past 1 week. If anybody feels that this is incorrect, please add a comment or mail me.

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  1. Bijoy
    January 27, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    Sorry for being a late bloomer on your blog but this is an interesting bit that you have written here, i just did a wiki on this stuff and found out that we(indians)might not be the only insane people around



    • January 28, 2010 at 8:55 am

      Japan has the top 5 slots! They definitely love their newspaper 🙂 Thanks for enlightening me 🙂

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