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Blackjack Anyone!

After seeing the Ocean 11 series, I always had it in my mind to visit a casino. And, what better day than the Independence day for that! My first visit to a casino was in one word, mind blowing!

Seminole Hard Rock Cafe

Seminole Hard Rock Cafe

I had visited the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe, Hollywood FL last evening. The first thing that hit me is the size of their car parking. Across the 4 levels, there was enough parking space to park a zillion cars! I was truly impressed with the number of people that it managed to attract. And, to think of the perfect planning that went into making this place. Even with so many people and cars, there was no chaos at all.

Click here to see the Bing Maps birds eye view of the casino. The entire area that you see is what is the Seminole Casino. It is HUGE!

You enter the place, and discover that what was shown in Oceans 11 was not an exaggeration! Money flows here. Loads of slot machines, countless poker and blackjack tables, live bands playing awesome music, a well stocked bar, sexy girls serving booze….the list just goes on and on.



Gaming Tables

Gaming Tables

This is where I made my fortune!

This is where I made my "fortune"!

I tried my hand at slots and got lucky! Made $100 by the time I was leaving. just could not get the hang of the table games, and so, I did not try them. Will surely go back after learning the game. By the time I left at 1 am, there were still people pouring in. The casino is open 24×7 and rightfully so. There is never a dull moment here!

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