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Will you keep a Rattle Snake as a Pet?

A Rattle Snake for a Pet?

If I ask this question to someone back home, I am pretty sure that the response would be “Are you crazy?”. The same question in US and the answer could be “Perhaps!”

People in America are spoilt for choices…And, this extends to every realm of life, including pets. I recently went to a Pet store where there are all sorts of pets up for sale. I have had dogs and cats as pets back home, but I was taken aback by looking at the range and variety of pets available in the store. There is a big choice of lizards, rats, guinea pigs, turtles, snakes etc. available off the shelf for the american to buy. Pets are sold online too. Check out Reptiles & Critters for a vast range of “exotic pets”.

An iguana is one of the ugliest creatures I have seen. It looks so repulsive, that I almost ran back into the office when I saw glanced upon one just outside the office. And, then, I got to meet a colleague who has an Iguana as a pet!

Want a Pet?

Want a Pet?

This is also a good example of the part of US that I admire the most. People here do what they want to, when they want to. No body bothers about what the other person thinks of you. You do what you have to do. People will like you if they have to. The amount of freedom that this country gives to its citizens is amazing.

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