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Tieing it all together!

A major IT company based out of Bangalore mandates that men have to be in formals (with Tie) on Monday/Tuesday and formals (without Tie) on Wednesday/Thursday. They permit casuals for the rest of the week (Friday is the only day left!). It is a similar story in most of the organizations in the IT sector. I have tried hard to find a reason why employers want to force a mandatory dress code down the throats of their employees. Am still unsuccessful at nailing the reason…

Let us look at why a company would want to establish a dress code? I think the main reason would be to project a professional image to the customers, potential employees, and visitors. You wouldn’t want your customers to be in the office full of men in their gym wear and ladies in beach wear! Formal clothing does give a sense of professionalism and a serious approach towards work. One of my previous managers had told me that he works better when he is dressed in formals. So much so that even when he is working from home, he would slip into his formals, wear a shoe and then sit on the dining table with his laptop! He was of the opinion that when one is able to work better and free of any distractions when one is dressed appropriately.

So, is it necessary to have some sort of dress code in the modern day IT work place? I think Yes. Every company should have a dress code set. But this dress code should serve more as guidelines rather than a set of rules. Most employees are capable of reading the guidelines and understand what can be worn to office and what cannot be. I am kept wondering why a company makes rules about the dress code. Ties on Monday/Tuesday?!? What extra advantage can possible an organization get by enforcing that? Business formals look formal enough with or without the tie! Next I know companies would come up with a list of day wise shirt colors!

My Ideal World: I am of the strong opinion that people perform best when the workplace makes them feel comfortable. You cannot make an employee comfortable unless you let him wear something comfortable. If I am running a company, the only guideline I would provide to my employees would be to wear clothes which make them look smart, professional and to ensure that what they are wearing does not distract others in the office.

  1. Ravi Sundaresan
    October 10, 2009 at 4:37 am


    Dress code is designed to suit the industry specific standards to guide and bridge the communication gaps. But for sure it is required to bring down the cultural differences, be encouraging to be convenient but not be out of the world or sync to distract the coworkers.

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