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The Thai Air Experience

I recently got the chance to fly to Sydney and back on Thai Air. Why Thai Air? Because it was the cheapest and no one else offered fares which were anywhere close to comparison 🙂 The route that was offered to me by Thai Air was Bangalore – Bangkok – Sydney – Bangkok – Bangalore.

Overall, the flight was OK. Nothing major to crib about. But still want to note a few things about Thai.

  • Leg space on their Bangkok – Sydney connection. Thai deploys Boeing 777-200ER on this route. Nothing wrong with the aircraft. I have travelled on that aircraft while travelling on British Airways. It is the way that Thai Air has customized it that is the problem. Since I am generally tall, I prefer to stretch my legs forward. Thai has restricted tall people from stretching in the economy by placing a metal box under all the seats. The air hostesses informed me that the box was the back end system for the on-board entertainment. On my enquiring about whether there was a seat available without this, she kindly informed me that all seats in first class did not have this! Duh….I really didn’t need her to tell me this 🙂
  • No personal entertainment on the Bangalore – Bangkok segment. This flight being only 3.5 hours, Thai thought of doing away with it. Though I was happy to stretch my legs, other passengers were complaining about this.
  • The food served onboard was great. The quality and taste was fantastic. And the portion size was just right. Vegetarians though might have a problem if they have not requested for a special vegetarian meal. In the Bangkok-Sydney segment, the food choices provided were chicken or fish. There was nothing vegetarian other than the bread. Even the salad served was Crab Salad!
  • Archaic Website. The website of Thai Air is still not matured. Other airlines offer a lot of services online, but Thai has clearly missed the bus.
  • Language issues with the air hostesses. Most of the Thai Air hostesses are not very well versed with English. They can manage, but that is about it. Being an airline which flies to almost all the continents, they should put more focus on getting their staff comfortable with the common language.

Overall, I feel that given an option, I would prefer a Jet or a Kingfisher over Thai, primarily because of the better overall service levels. But, Thai would definitely figure in my choices because of the extremely competitive fares offered.

  1. Aneesh
    January 26, 2010 at 8:12 pm

    Very useful. I will be flying to bangkok in may to attend a family wedding.

  2. Koundinya
    January 27, 2010 at 3:42 pm

    Really usefull!!
    Did you feel comfortable without stretching your legs frm Bangkok – Sydney?
    And regarding the food, hope i need to carry something on my own.. as i am veggie..

  3. January 28, 2010 at 9:02 am

    @Aneesh: Try the Air-India to Thailand. I have heard that they are pretty good with their service on International sectors.

    @Koundinya: I was not very comfortable, but there was hardly any option. When you are in between continents, you can hardly walk out of the plane and protest 🙂

    When you are booking your ticket, you can mention that you need a Indian Vegetarian meal. Or, after booking you can call the airline and log this request. Once the request is logged, the airline needs to provide you with a special meal. Just ensure that you make the request at least 48 hrs before your journey.

  4. February 8, 2010 at 2:36 am

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