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Decisions are made on Earth, Decision Makers in Heaven!

What do you think the most desired quality in the modern day employee? My personal list will have decision making as one among the top. I feel that it is one quality that no one really pays attention to. We are not nurtured for effective decision making. Not during our school days and neither during our work life.


In today’s super fast world, it is necessary to have the ability to  make quick decisions. I know a lot of people who are not able to make decisions because of information overload. More the information available at hand, the more difficult it becomes to make a decision. Decision making, according to me, is not about making the right decisions. It is about making a decision (Period). The risk part of decision making is in not knowing which option is the right one!


Another common problem with the Indian employee is in accepting that a decision made might not be the best one. People make decisions and stick to it, even when they realise that they have made a wrong decision! Make a decision. Stick with it till you know that it was not right. When you know that there is a better option available, steer towards that. Just denying the fact that there is a better option may not be the best thing to do. Decisions are made with the information available at hand. A correct decision now may not be the best decision the next moment.


That said, I believe that people are born with the decision making gene. I have seen people who do not blink an eye while making decision with far reaching effects. Another set of people get into all sorts of research to make simple decisions. Then there is the most dangerous variety – one which does not make decisions at all!

  1. Sim
    January 3, 2011 at 10:36 am

    Yeah… the Malcom Marshall book “Blink” too speaks of similar stuff, that decisions taken based on gut feeling, instant decisions are by far more accurate. But he also says its cause there is loads of wisdom stored in the subconscious of the expert’s mind,that sometimes when he takes decisions, his conscious mind doesnt even know the reason why. So whether a complete greenhorn can take such decisions instantly, thats left to debate,however i agree, its better to have the courage to take some decision, instead of being among the scores of fence sitters 🙂

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