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Celebrating the Online Life

Have you met people who are very lively and active online (read email, facebook, twitter et al) but just the opposite in their real lives? I have known a few who fit the bill and scaringly the trend is on the rise. When I meet them online, they seem to be the most extrovert people ever to exist, but offline, they keep mum. It is difficult to get them to talk. So much so, that I feel that they wouldn’t even laugh if I tickle them 🙂

What is so scary about the trend? Picture this: I am an ok ok guy. I have a few good friends whom I can bank on. Not outgoing but happy the way I am. Then one day I find the online social websites. I have a profile. Friends are as easy as a click of a button. I can get into long conversations with little known people. I can view the life’s of others without even knowing them at all. I start to like this life better than the real one. I am popular and get crazy with the number of hits on my profile. Slowly, I move away from the offline world and transition completely to the online one.

I am not against an online social life (I am pretty much active on facebook myself), but I believe that one’s online social life should be an extension of the real one, not something completely different. What do you think?

  1. January 2, 2011 at 6:50 pm

    I know of two who are really extroverts in real life. I socialize well myself but I know what you mean. I even find some online friends a little creepy…. those I drop pronto.

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