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Moving to the US – One bit at a time!

The last few months of my life is best summarized as re-settling. My organization offered me a position based out of the US for a few years and after a lot of deliberation, we decided to take the plunge. Why the deliberation – well, I cannot admit that I did not think twice, can I? 🙂 Back to the deliberation part – If I was still single, I would have taken the call without even blinking my eye. Marriage brings with it its own set of worries. Some are direct worries like what happens to my home loan payment when my wife’s salary dries up. And, then there are indirect worries like what will happen to me if my wife is jobless, at home and has all the time in the world to think evil 😀

To put a long story short…after all the deliberation, we decided to grab the opportunity and leave the rest to fate. Making the decision was the easiest part of “the move”. The logistical nightmare that followed was something that I was just not ready for. We pretty much sold off everything (that can be sold) that we had in India and bought similar stuff in US. The buying was very very interesting…but the selling part was hard.

It took me around 8-10 weeks to get fully settled in the new place. I have been enjoying the settled (read lazy) life every since. We now have a beautiful apartment (which my wife loves), a good car (which I love) and each other for company!

US is spoilt for choices. As good as it looks on face value, it is the biggest challenge that a new person will find in this country. For everything that you need there will be a hundred variations, produced by a million vendors and on sale at a gazillion retailers. In India, we just drove upto the “Supermarket” (Spar in my case) and bought everything from there. We tried to follow the same approach here too 🙂 But unfortunately still haven’t covered all the supermarkets in our area!!

In the next few posts I will try to write about the basic things (like SSN, DL etc.) that need to be done to get settled. The main problem which I faced was with the amount of information available online. There is an overload of information already. Why am I writing about the same topics again? (Pick one or all relevant)
– Simply!
– To add to the online clutter!
– Because I want to share my personal experience!

  1. Saritha
    April 26, 2011 at 9:58 pm

    I can understand what u mean about choices cos Dubai is jus like that too like 100 kinds of milk alone its baffling! So am sure shopping in a supermarket will take even more time! I guess thats what they mean when they say..Spoilt for choice!

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