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Twitter to the Rescue

I have never been a fan of Twitter. Facebook has been my social network of choice for quite some time now. I have always felt lost in the sea of tweets that bombard me every second that I am on Twitter. Information overload is something that I do not react well to 🙂

I realized the true potential of Twitter a few weeks ago. I was chasing my local car dealer for getting an extended warranty quote. Usually the dealer is very responsive and prompt but in this instance I never got a reply. As a last ditch effort, I tweeted this:

18 mins later I had this reply to the tweet in my mailbox.

Honestly, I was really shocked. I had been sending reminder emails which no one bothered to reply and a single tweet got the company’s attention in 18 mins! I always thought that the only way to really grab a big corporations attention was to jump off a roof, but things seem to be different in the Twitter era. A simple tweet had managed to give a customer the attention that he deserves.

So I replied providing the details about my issue and I received another prompt acknowledgment.

3 hours later I had the information that I had requested for sitting in my mailbox! The speed of response was phenomenal. Within a few hours, there was an issue that was escalated, resolved and responded to. Hats off to the Social Networking team@AutoNation for the superb job.

  1. Manan
    September 7, 2011 at 2:45 am

    Good….hope at some stage this works in India too at Trident Hyundai .

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